Non-biased Approach

Janene Wilson with Plan4Ward has perfected the ability to offer a non biased approach to Strategic Planning.  She is knowledgeable and friendly in her delivery of ideas and activities aimed at getting more out of our sessions.  Janene was open and approachable as an individual while offering previous experiences to aide in our community and economic development strategic planning sessions. Janene’s approach is clear and provides easy to follow instructions to ensure everyone in the room has a full understanding of the expectations and next steps required in a strategic planning exercise. Our staff and other participants were pleasantly surprised by the attention to detail and final product that was provided after every follow up session.  I would definitely utilize her services in the future.

Tracy Laboucan
Operations Manager
Lubicon Lake Band #453

Points of You validated opinions, personal perspectives

Points of You was one of the greatest resources that opened up the creativeness and imagination of how I was able to recollect my emotions. It was a great method to open up how I felt versus the usual monotone approach and leaving out important factors of my feelings. Specifically including the visual aspect and the intuition of the cards, I was able to have all three senses intrigued to fully experience my points of view. All three senses included my vision, hearing, and touch were activated so I could be fully aware of my own personal viewpoints. Because this was so intriguing and eye opening I am wanting to offer this workshop in my community where it is always difficult to open up about personal issues or personal perspectives. Especially to be able to validate an opinion, feeling, expression or personal issue that has risen in a type of environment that is life related. I am pursing the knowledge of the point of view to facilitate and look forward to the positive outcomes for my community that it has had on me.

Candice Cardinal
Employment and Training
Saddle Lake First Nation

Janene was easy to work with and is an excellent listener and coach

As a business owner I completed a business plan but needed some coaching on next steps. I was blessed with the opportunity to work with Janene as my mentor assigned by the Native Women’s Association of Canada for women in business in Alberta. Janene was easy to work with and is an excellent listener and coach. She uses tools in her coaching practice that are very unique. Janene is very well connected in the business community and with government. I had the opportunity to travel with Janene to Toronto for the National conference which allowed me to network at a national level. What was really heart felt was seeing Janene as a guest speaker on the panel and sharing her story and encouragement to all the woman. Her story was a powerful and inspiring moment that will stick with me for a lifetime! I also signed up for Janene’s proposal writing class, she made learning fun and easy to see the whole picture! I am forever grateful to have been blessed with Janene on my path, I didn’t just gain a coach, business mentor, but a genuine good-hearted person that I can now call a friend. Janene continues to coach my business Eagle Healing to succeed and again I am so very thankful!! I Thank you Janene for going above and beyond for me, may the creator bless you!! Hiy hiy !”

Sherri Houle, Business Owner, Eagle Healing

Lego Serious Play fun and engaging

Janene led our staff through an afternoon of organization exploration with the use of lego and our imagination.  As co-workers, we came to discover unique aspects of each other in a fun and engaging way that was safe and creative!  Would gladly welcome the opportunity to have more time with Janene in the future!

Joanne Ladouceur

Lego Serious Play unites employees over widely-dispersed site locations

Dear Janene,

I would like to take this opportunity to sincerely thank you for facilitating our staff year- end strategic planning day in June and our team building activity in September.  Using the Lego Serious Play activity was an excellent strategy to create an interactive environment for some of our staff members, who otherwise would not have had the opportunity to spend the afternoon together, planning and problem-solving due to our varied and widely-dispersed site locations. We truly enjoyed the time together to laugh, and to get to know each another outside of our workspace, and most importantly, to build our collegial relationships.

We all look forward to planning and working with you again this coming June.


Shirley Mykituk
Manager, Indigenous Learning Services, Edmonton Catholic Schools

Excellent services and support

“Janene and Chris Wilson at Plan4ward provide excellent services and support for First Nation governments and schools. Without their assistance my role as Director of Education for KTC would be harder to do. Thank you Janene and Chris!”

– Billy Joe Laboucan, Director of Education, Kee Tas Kee Now Tribal Council

Providing leadership skills, well respected

“I had an opportunity in working with Kara Hryckowian of Plan4ward and she did a fine job training our summer students on gathering information for the Labour Market Survey and data input of surveys. She provided leadership skills and was well respected by the students.”

Jim Swag, Director of Employment and Training, Piikani Nation, Treaty 7

Focused on client satisfaction

“We have been fortunate to work with Chris Wilson over the past 3 years, first as a Senior Advisor to Peerless Trout First Nation and later as the Acting Band Manager for the First Nation. Chris focuses on client satisfaction and brings a calm, practical solution oriented approach to all items. And, of course, you gotta love his Gantt charts! I mean, who wouldn’t?”

George Ingram, P. Eng., Ingram Consulting Ltd.

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