Why LEGO Serious Play?

Many people ask why they would chose LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY® method as a team building experience. Based on the experiences of the clients who have tried it they say it’s fun and allows everyone to participate equally. The process opens up avenues for communication.

Some people ask, how do we play with Lego?Each participant builds his or her own 3D LEGO® model in response to the facilitator ́s questions using specially selected LEGO® elements. These 3D models serve as a basis for group discussion, knowledge sharing, problem solving and decision making.

How can you use Lego® Serious Play® in the workplace?

LSP prepares a team work together within organizations, institutions and communities. The outcome is the process is to have teams that are more inclusive, effective and knowledgeable about what is needed to move forward.

Plan4ward will work directly with a client to designing and facilitate meetings, seminars, and workshops from a playful perspective. This process allows for all participants to be fully engaged.  It is much different than old style presentation whereby people watch presentations and never truly engage. By using a unique hands-on approach LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY® encourages people to challenge their thinking processes. This process allows for the creation of trust, and draw upon the capacities of the group.

Some examples of the challenges and opportunities that can be addressed with the LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY® approach include:

  • Strategic Planning
  • Change Management
  • Communication Work Shops
  • Team Coaching and Development
  • Individual Coaching
  • Problem Solving within the Workplace

Plan4ward will meet with individuals prior to each workshop to assist with designing a workshop that best meets your current needs.

Lego® Serious Play® Participant Videos

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