Janene Wilson is a certified instructor for the International game, known as Points of You: The Coaching Game. The Coaching Game has become an International success and is a unique experience of inspiration, learning and development.

Points of You – The Coaching Game

The Coaching Game is an internationally acclaimed coaching tool that focuses on collaboration among teams and promotes goal setting at an individual level.  The tool is similar to a board game with several process charts that feature 65 associative cards with words and pictures. These cards are carefully designed to explore everyday life themes. The process of the game moves individuals away from the traditional left-brain qualities such as sequential, logical, analytical and process-oriented thinking and allows for the right-brain to focus on empathy, artistry, creativity and ability to see the big picture.

Points of You – FACES Game

Faces is all about people and points of view. How we ourselves look at others and how others look at us.

Working with Faces helps us explore significant figures in our lives. Some of these figures may be our family, friends, life partners, figures that inspired us and those who offend us or that we have difficulty with.

Faces, raises questions regarding relationships in our lives and the parts we choose to play in them. The process and the tool used allow us to reflect as we observe the faces we see and discover ourselves within them.

As a certified Points of You facilitator, Janene Wilson can design workshops using this tool that will assist your team in gaining a better understanding of each other, allow teams to overcome internal conflicts while they gain a clearer understanding of each other and how they can support one another.

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