What is your Colour Spectrum?

Are you ready to learn more about yourself? Come out and join in on a fun and exciting 3 hour workshop that helps you learn more about your personality and who you are.

Have you ever wondered why you are the same or different than some of your friends and people in your family?  Now you can discover who you really are and what brings out the best in you. 

This workshop will allow each participant to do a personality assessment of themselves. The Colour Spectrums Workshop will give you the opportunity to review four coloured cards Blue, Green, Red and Yellow and find out your brightest colour.

Join in the fun and learn about your personality style.


Do you enjoy family, friends and like to share your feelings?


Do you enjoy
figuring out things and problem solving?


Are you into sports, fixing things and being on the go?


Do you like being organized and getting things done?

Introductory Workshop  

What are you waiting for, work with Plan4ward to learn more about your  Colour Spectrum. Participants will sort the 4 colourfully illustrated attribute cards to reveal their ColourSpectrums; a particular blend of colours that is unique to each individual. Participants will interact in a dynamic process of self-reflection, group discussions and activities that provide insights about themselves and others on the team. Each participant will receive a set of 4 ColourSpectrums attribute cards and a certificate of participation. 

We recommend 3 hours for this session.

Stress Management and Conflict Resolution  

This workshop is based on the introductory session. This workshop provides Stress Management/Conflict Resolution cards to work individually, in pairs and in small groups. Often we notice we tend to create our own stress based on our Colour Spectrum. Participants will explore, understand and implement solutions for:

  • Bright colour esteem needs, stressors and shadow characteristics
  • Pale colour challenges, stressors and shadow characteristics
  • Fight and flight dynamics
  • The key to great communication
  • Stress management and conflict resolution

We recommend 6 hours for this session.

Brightening Pale Colours  

This workshop is based on the Introductory and Stress Management/Conflict Resolution workshops above. In this session, participants use the Brightening cards to work individually, in pairs and in small groups to:

  • Learn about the common phrases, voice tone, pace and body language of each colour
  • Learn about the facial expressions, physical appearance and interaction styles of each colour
  • Practice their palest colours by using the common phrases, voice tone, pace and body language of the colour
  • Set goals to continue brightening their palest colours
  • To match colours and intensities so they are great communicators

We recommend 3 hours for this session.

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